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Bike Libraries

What is a 'bike library'?

Bike libraries are local hubs that will allow people to borrow a bicycle, like a book, to try out. They aim to boost access to cycles and give people a chance to give cycling a go.

Bike libraries are generally based in the heart of a community, within easy reach by foot, in places such as community centres, schools, village halls or local business premises.

Our bike libraries support similar schemes that are available in Greater Manchester, helping create local hubs where bikes are donated, fixed up and used.

Bike libraries do accept donations of bikes. If you have a bike you no longer use and would like to donate then please contact your local bike library to discuss arranging this.

How do I use a bike library?

GM’s bike libraries are grassroot community projects, please contact your nearest from our list below for details on how to register and arrange a loan.

Find your nearest bike library

Contact your nearest library

Agree terms with bike library and get riding!

Borrow a bike today

There are a number of bike libraries that are now live across Greater Manchester.

Get in touch with your nearest library today and get riding.










We also have bike libraries at schools and community groups across Greater Manchester that are exclusive to their students and members.

If you can’t find the information that you need on the bike library's website, then please contact the organisation directly.

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