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Cycle parking

Cycle hubs

Secure cycle parking at key locations across Greater Manchester

A Cycle Hub is a safe and secure place to lock your bike under cover, away from potential thieves.

Protected by CCTV and a swipe-card entry systems, there are Cycle Hubs near public transport links and other convenient places across Greater Manchester.

To learn more about Cycle Hubs. their locations and how to apply for a membership, head to our Cycle Hubs page for more information.

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More cycle hubs

There are other cycle parking sites that are available across Greater Manchester:

Bike Lockers Users' Club

Join the Bike Lockers Users' Club (BLUC) to use any of the hundreds of lockers at rail stations, bus and tram stops across Greater Manchester.

It costs £10 to join the BLUC and you can do this by downloading and completing the form below. If you would like to pay by card then please indicate this on the form and include an email address.  Once we are ready to take payment we will email you so you can call in to do so.

When you have joined the Bike Lockers Users' Club (BLUC), you will be sent a padlock key - which will open any of the TfGM bike lockers at rail stations, bus and tram stops all across the city-region.

Open an empty locker and lock your bike to the stand inside. Attach your BLUC membership card to your bike.

If you have a problem, or want to leave BLUC, email

Sheffield stands

Call us old fashioned but simple, visible locations are often safest for two wheels

Day-to-day, on everyday trips, the most convenient place to leave your bike when out and about is somewhere right near your location where you can lock it securely. Look out for a Sheffield Stand.

Buy the best quality lock you can afford, ideally a D lock, and secure your bike in the most visible location you can find with high footfall. So think outside shops, cafes, libraries, Metrolink stops - somewhere busy that offers higher natural security.

A long row of bikes parked in sheffield stands

Bike hangars

Limited space where you live? Bike hangars are a great solution.

Capable of storing six bikes in an outdoor, compact and secure shelter, bike hangars are currently in place in locations across Salford.

A bike hangar is the height, width and length of a small car and takes up about the same amount of room on the street as a car parking space. They can be placed either on the road or pavement.

In Salford, residents pay a £25 key deposit and an annual fee for their space. Initially the annual fee is subsidised at £20 per year for the first two years, going up to £40 per year after that.

A bike hanger on a street

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