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Active travel for a better workplace


The benefits of cycling and walking to the individual are clear, so establishing a workplace culture where active travel is not only enabled but encouraged can offer huge rewards. Incorporating active travel into your business with your workforce but also in your business practices is easier than you may think, and we can support.

During the coronavirus pandemic we saw huge numbers of people take to their bikes or get out walking as part of their daily routine and as Greater Manchester recovers, boosting cycling and walking in the long term will have a hugely positive impact for our communities and businesses as we Build Back Better. We will see less congestion, better air quality, improvements to our health - the benefits speak for themselves.

Olivia's story

"While working at the hospital, 5 miles away from home, I decided cycling to work would give me chance to wind down after a difficult day. I loved it & felt much better for getting fresh air & exercise. I’d definitely recommend a bike commute to anyone!"

Olivia's story


Support and encourage your employees to cycle, and get involved yourself, with these initiatives.

Cycle to work scheme

Find more about how you can save money on cycles through the UK cycle to work scheme.

Road-rider-ready and 1-2-1 courses

Build your cycle confidence riding on the roads

Love to Ride

Novice, dabbler or expert, get your colleagues involved in Love to Ride. Earn prizes for your journeys and compete against other Greater Manchester businesses.

I'm a business owner

If you're a business owner and want to know how you and your staff can start benefitting from cycling and walking, we can help. Our team can provide expert knowledge and support to help you encourage your employees to travel to work by bike or on foot, such as the Cycle to Work scheme, bike parking, cycle champions and providing shower facilities. We can also develop a plan with you to include more sustainable travel in your wider business practices.

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