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Get accessto a bike


Starling Bank Bikes now available for hire in Greater Manchester

Bikes are available to hire from stations across Manchester, Salford and Trafford. From just 50p to unlock and then 5p per minute, our new Starling Bank Bikes are ready to roll whenever you need them. Save money with minute bundles, too. Download the Beryl app today and get riding. 

Bike libraries

Bike libraries are local hubs that will allow people to borrow a bicycle, like a book, to try out.

There are bike libraries all across Greater Manchester, so find the nearest to you and give cycling a go.

Rent a bike

Renting a bike can be a great way to try cycling or specific bikes before you decide to buy one. It's also a great way to get into cycling by yourself or with friends, without the commitment of buying a bike.

Take a look at our list of bike hire providers in Greater Manchester.

Inclusive cycling

For many disabled people, discovering the joy of cycling can be life changing. From improving a person’s physical and mental health, to helping them gain independence and the freedom to explore their local area.

If you want to try out an adapted bike or would like some advice, then please visit our inclusive cycling and walking page.

Try out an inclusive bike or cycle and see how far you can go

The Inclusive Cycling Experience scheme offers free try-out sessions and non-standard cycle loans to give people the chance to consider cycling as an active travel option for everyday journeys.

Cargo bikes

Give cargo bikes a try and you won't look back

Cargo bikes are growing in popularity across the UK as a way to transport food shopping, take the kids out and about, transporting pets to the vets and even replacing a run in the car to the local tip.

Cargo bikes come in all shapes and sizes and can be as simple as a large basket attached to the front or a Dutch-style bike which has a large cargo area at the front that can hold huge loads.

If you want to use one for a particular purpose or trial one before you buy, Manchester Bikes has a range of options and can advise on the best fit for you.

You'll be ditching the car for the weekly shop before you know it.

Get a better bike for less

And bike equipment too

Get a new bike, helmet and other accessories for up to 40% off through the 'Bike to work' scheme. Pay in easy monthly payments and 'rent to own'. It's an easy, cheap and low-hassle way to upgrade your ride.

It doesn't cost your employer anything to join this scheme, in fact it saves them money! So, if they don't offer it, it shouldn't be hard to persuade your boss to sign-up.

Bloke in a bike shop, surrounded by bikes

Buy a bike

There are lots of bike shops – independents and national chains - in Greater Manchester.

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