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Group of bike riders on the road in chorlton

Bike lifeIt's how we roll

Libby's story

Libby uses her bike to get from A to B and B to A. It means "going to work and back for no money." She uses her bike to go to the shops and to go out in the evening. She goes to the cinema, to the theatre, on bike rides with friends. Even going on holiday. "Everything really," she says. Libby says her car mostly sits on her drive and that she gets to work "feeling invigorated" and cycles to "wake herself up on the way home."

How can we help you live your best bike life?

Beat the weather

Ride the rainy city

As you know, Greater Manchester is famous for its dry, sunny climate (!)

So, how can you beat the weather?

Man wearing a raincoat standing in the rain by his bike

Road-ready courses and 1-2-1 sessions

From road-ready confidence courses to 1-2-1 sessions with an instructor on a route of your choosing to help you prepare for commuting to work, we have riding courses to suit your needs.

Cycle training 1-2-1 session with instructor adjusting trainees helmet

Learn how to fix your bike

From basic maintenance to more advanced bike maintenance, don't let mechanical issues ruin your ride. Learn how to fix your bike.

Close up of bike gears being tweaked by bike repair person

Cool commuting

Commuting by bike saves time, money, makes you happier and builds exercise into your life. No need to find the motivation to get fit: it’s just how you roll.

Picture of someone cycling - commuting to work by bike

Find more routes

Use our range of maps to help you find cycling routes close to home or further afield - the adventure starts here!

Get a better bike for less

And bike equipment too

Get a new bike, helmet and other accessories for up to 40% off through the 'Bike to work' scheme. Pay in easy monthly payments and 'rent to own'. It's an easy, cheap and low-hassle way to upgrade your ride.

It doesn't cost your employer anything to join this scheme, in fact it saves them money! So, if they don't offer it, it shouldn't be hard to persuade your boss to sign-up.

Man wiping down shiny new bicycle

Are you an employer?

Help your employees to commute by bike

Cycling into work has so many benefits for employees and employers. We have a huge range of resources and support to help you make changes that will enable your employees to travel to work by bike or trike.

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