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Active travel: In numbers

In numbers: Active travel in Greater Manchester

All the top facts and stats about cycling and walking in your city-region

63% of GM residents think that more segregated cycling routes would be useful to help them cycle more (Sustrans 2021).

13% of residents in GM cycle at least once a week, while 47% of residents walk or wheel five days a week (Sustrans 2021).

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GM residents walk or wheel 1.2 million miles every day – that’s 47 times around the world (Sustrans 2021).

GM has a 10-year, £1.5 billion plan to create 1,800 miles of routes and 2,400 new crossings.

In 2021, 25% of trips in GM under one kilometre were made in a car. That’s a 15 min walk or 4 min cycle (GM TRADS, 2021).

it's good for you

There are a lot of benefits when you walk, cycle or wheel

Cycling is a healthy, low impact, exercise that anyone can do. It can reduce stress, help you relax and burn between 400-750 calories an hour (CyclingUK 2021).

Walking and wheeling saves time stuck in traffic jams for everyone, taking up to 300,000 cars off the road every day (Sustrans 2021).

Running a car costs, on average, nine times more than owning a cycle (CyclingUK 2022)

it's good for society

Choosing active travel for everyday journeys also has a positive impact on others

Cycling and walking is good for you and saves the NHS around £4m every year (Sustrans 2021).

Walking and wheeling trips boost the GM economy by £337.3m every year (Sustrans 2021).

Every year walking and cycling in GM saves: 48,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, 97,000 kg of NOx and 14,000 kg of particulates (Sustrans 2021).

It’s good for our neighbourhoods

Many residents in GM would like to see neighbourhoods prioritise active travel

68% of GM residents support the creation of more active neighbourhoods (Sustrans 2021).

57% agree that restricting through-traffic on local residential streets would make their area a better place (Sustrans 2021).

62% agree increasing space for people walking and cycling on the high street would improve their local area (Sustrans 2021).

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